Get-member and .net reflection why you should care.

The man the myth the legend, Jeffery Snover did it again!  If you haven’t seen it yet check out this post on the powershell team blog.  Jeffery does a phenomenal job walking one through .net reflection, and how Get-Member is THE most powerful cmdlet powershell contains.  While the [] accelerators may appear to be center stage make no mistake GM is the roady that makes the show possible.

If you haven’t guessed already I’m a huge fan of Get-Member…  While I teach powershell to my fellow admins daily, and we as a shop are slowly becoming elite.  Get-Member is incredibly hard to explain without going down the .net rabbit hole…  Leave it to the Architect to sum it up in a blog post.


NetApp Technology Solution Contest

Monday NetApp announced an automation contest here.  As luck would have it. I’ve been writing some OnTap Powershell cmdlets for the past four months.  The good is if i can get to a RC1 state by Jan 30th I like my chances.  The bad I recently started going back through and adding inline help to all my cmdlets (long process).   Oh yeah and I still have the FCP/NFS/CIFS apis left to port…. Long odds I’ll be done in time to enter, but if anyone else has built uppon Adam Weiger codeplex project here.  Submit your stuff people, let’s flood Netapp with PowerShell entries.  Send a message that Netapp needs to support PowerShell as a first class citizen in the automation universe.