Atlanta PowerShell User Group

Last week I had the pleasure of presenting to the Atlanta PowerShell User Group.  The presentation was available over live meeting, if you missed it the recording can be found below.  The scripts used in this presentation can also be downloaded here.  Note we had a little problem getting the audio working so fast forward to the 2:00 minute mark.

Atlanta PowerShell User Group August 2011 from Glenn Sizemore.


Perl Toolkit: Check ESX(i) host time

I had an issue recently where a single ESXi host’s clock was incorrect. The administrator had never set the clock initially, so NTP never kept it in sync cause it was too far off to begin.

Since I’ve got a large number of hosts and the idea of clicking to each one through VI Client and checking the configuration tab, I immediately turned to PowerCLI. Naturally, one of Luc‘s scripts was the top search result.

That solved my immediate need to check the hosts, but I also wanted to setup some general monitoring. Since my monitoring infrastructure is compromised, primarily, of a linux Nagios host, that means PowerCLI couldn’t help. So, I did the next best thing and ported Luc’s script to perl.

Below is the result of that porting. It can also be run from vMA for reporting via email or another mechanism.

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