NetApp’s Integration with VMware’s Ecosystem

As I have transitioned from being a customer to being an employee with NetApp I have become aware of the breadth of integration between VMware and NetApp. I have realized that as a customer, I was only using a small amount of what is available. There are a lot of software bits-and-pieces, and documentation, that make life much easier for admins, and I have struggled to find a consolidated listing (maybe I haven’t looked hard enough…or asked the right people…?). This blog post is my attempt to provide a starting place for information regarding NetApp integration with VMware.

As I go through the process of learning, I hope to document as much as possible, and I invite you to follow along…hopefully we can all gain some insight into the resources available.

Firstly, always begin with TR-3749 and TR-4068. These are the primary references from NetApp regarding VMware integration…I highly recommend that if you have not already read them you do so now.

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