Adjusting Console OS RAM via Powershell

You know after Andrew does all the hard work in perl… Converting this stuff to powershell is like shooting fish in a barrel.

Get the current COS Ram configuration:

Change the ammount of RAM dedicated to the COS to 512MB:


1 thought on “Adjusting Console OS RAM via Powershell”

  1. I feel that we should mention that during the testing of this script, Glenn was initially assigning the view object to a variable as such…

    $switch = Get-View (Get-View -VIObject (get-vmhost ESX1)).ConfigManager.MemoryManager

    (Please correct my POSH if I’m off….)

    The problem with this is that a view is a static object that must be updated manually. So, when the next step was executed ($switch.ReconfigureServiceConsoleReservation(512mb)), we checked the configured value, but it appeared to have not changed. We both scratched our heads a bit and then realized the err of our ways.

    Another note; there are two properties for the MemoryManager.ConsoleReservationInfo data object to pay attention to: serviceConsoleReserved and serviceConsoleReservedCfg. The former is the number of bytes that are currently allocated for the COS to use. The latter is the number that is configured for it to use. If the two are different, it means that you need to reboot the host, after which serviceConsoleReserved should be equal to serviceConsoleReservedCfg.


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