vMotion configuration from the ESX host command line and remotely using the Perl Toolkit

One of the things that I do when configuring my hosts after kickstart is setup a kernel interface and enable vMotion for that port group. This isn’t too difficult, but takes a little bit of futzing with some vmware-vim-cmd results to get the data we need.

Since I’m on the subject, I figured I may as well do the same thing using the SDK, which eliminates one more thing that the rCLI can’t do in order for me to configure a new ESX host completely.

VMware has a knowledgebase article on how to enable vMotion from the command line, which includes sample output from the vmware-vim-cmd hostsvc/vmotion/netconfig_get command.

vMotion can also be enabled via the SDK using perl (and POSH, but I’ll leave that to Glenn).

Using the above perl script, you can configure VMotion from start to finish using the rCLI and Perl Toolkit like so…

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