Ugh, Active Directory…oh, and ESX integration

I am, by no stretch of the imagination, a windows administrator.  However, I do know a good thing when I see it.  I don’t care for a good number of things Microsoft does (Internet Explorer….), however AD is one of the best things they’ve done, well ever.

Not only can I utilize AD logins for web apps (of any language…php, python, perl, etc), but ESX’s console operating system plays quite nicely with AD as well.

VMware has published a document about how to get it working here.  However, it’s quite easy:

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VMware Tools on Server Core

If you’ve used Server Core, Then you have undoubtedly run into an application. Which has a dependency on the managed code that was removed.  One such application is VMware tools, contrary to popular belief. These tools do more than just make the mouse smoother.  The critical components are the drivers they deliver.  Have no fear though… There is no GUI, or Html help file, but the tools work great!

Hopefully the next version will install a little cleaner.


I am aware that this has been blogged about before, but who wants to read three pages of step by step instructions?… when you could just watch a 90 sec clip 🙂

VMworld 2008 BABY!!


I love my Job!!! I’m currently involved in our virtualization initiative… Were still in the crawling stage eight ESX hosts in two DRS clusters.  In the traditional admin mantra we’ve rebuilt our whole infrastructure four or five times.  After reading white papers till 2am, and tearing my hair out over configuration mistakes (Google ESX partition offset). My boss decided to just send us to VMworld!

Snoopy Dance!!!