Dearth: an inadequate supply; scarcity; lack.

I suppose that’s how you could describe the amount of posting that we’ve been doing around here the last couple of weeks. You’ll have to forgive us…work’s been crazy, to put it mildly…but things should get much more calm very soon.

Since today’s a “lazy Sunday”, I decided to go back and update the perl script that changes vSwitch security policies to use a better, more intelligent, method to update the spec for the switch(es). This shortened the script by about 20 lines and simplified the code significantly.

Hopefully soon I’ll be posting some information about doing kickstarts, to include setting up a PXE server using CentOS/RHEL, kickstarting using NFS, and kickstarting using a custom ESX iso. I’m also working on how to configure a host (networking, storage, ntp, users, vMotion, add to vCenter etc.) using rCLI/SDK scripts.

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