How To: NetBackup Live Update Server (NBLU)

I’ve spent the past month updating/validating our NetBackup architecture. I’ll admit I’m more of a Backup Exec fan, but NetBackup does have some cool features. My only real complaint with NetBackup is the documentation. I’ve never seen a 700 page PDF say so little. One such topic is the installation and configuration of the NetBackup Live update server. Nowhere in the 20 admin guides I reviewed did it spell out “How”. After a brief conversation with Symantec support the veil of poor documentation was lifted.  

You “can” run live update off a CIFS share, but I wouldn’t. It will only sort of work with some windows clients. I’ve spelled out the five steps to configuring an http based live update server on a windows machine. If you hit the Symantec forums you’ll find many confused posts but nothing approaching an answer. Hence this post, I could have gotten fancy and scripted it all out (and I wanted to), but I simply don’t have that kind of time these days. If the NBLU server has been kicking your arse as it did mine… enjoy.

  1. First things first install IIS.
    1. Win2k3/IIS6:
      1. Add/Remove Programs -> Add/Remove Windows Components -> Application Server -> Internet Information Services (IIS) -> World Wide Web Service
      2. check “World Wide Web Service”
      3. OK -> OK -> OK -> Next -> finish
    2. Win2K8/IIS7:
      1. Server Manager -> Roles -> Add Roles
      2. Check Web Server (IIS)
      3. Next
      4. Acknowledge the addition of ISS Management features
      5. Next -> Next -> Install
  2. Create/Populate the live update directory
    1. In the web root create a folder called “liveupdate”
      mkdir c:Inetpubwwwrootliveupdate
    2. Extract the contents of all five zip files into the live update folder. Pay close attention to now overwrite the Segments directory as this needs to be merged.
  3. Configure directory browsing
    1. Win2k3/IIS6:
      1. Open IIS Manager
      2. Expand Web Sites -> right click on Default Web Site -> liveupdate-> select properties
      3. Check Directory browsing on the Virtual Directory tab.
      4. Click Ok
    2. Win2K8/IIS7:
      1. Open IIS Manager
      2. Expand Sites -> Default Web Site -> liveupdate
      3. Double click on directory browsing.
      4. Click enable on the right side action panel.
  4. Update MIME information
    1. Win2k3/IIS6:
      1. Open IIS Manager
      2. Right click on <computer name> (Local Computer) -> select properties
      3. Click MIME Types
      4. Click New
      5. Extension: “.flg”
        MIME Type: “Application/octet-stream”
      6. Click Ok-> OK
      7. Right click on <computer name> (Local Computer) -> All Tasks -> Save Configuration to DISK
      8. Right click on <computer name> (Local Computer) -> All Tasks -> Restart IIS
    2. Win2K8/IIS7:
      1. Open IIS Manager
      2. Expand Sites -> Default Web Site
      3. Double click on MIME Types
      4. Click Add on the right side action panel.
      5. File name extension: “.flg”
        MIME Type: “Application/octet-stream”
      6. Ok
      7. Right click Default Web site -> Manage Web Site -> Restart
  5. Test your new NetBackup Live update server
    1. Browse to http:/<hostname>/liveupdate, you should see the contents of the liveupdate folder
    2. Browse to http:/<hostname>/liveupdate/minitri.flg you should be prompted with an open/save file dialog

If 5.1 and 5.2 work as expected then you’re done!

7 thoughts on “How To: NetBackup Live Update Server (NBLU)”

  1. What you have written is true for NetBackup 7.0 too. Nowhere there is mention of how to setup Liveupdate on RHEL or Windows.


  2. OMG thank you! I’m in the process of upgrading our NBU 6.5 enviroment to 7.0.1 and your totally correct, no where does Symantec actually SAY how to set up the LU server! Let alone LU http! I thought I was reading the NBU docs wrong at first, then gave up and went to google. The other great thing is, even if you want to use LAN LU it’s half broken and NFS also requires reg hacks. Symantec knows this and simply says they are thinking about fixing it!!

    Thank you so much for saving me!

    • Sky,

      Sadly I’m not a NBU expert by any means. I just figured out how to get LU working. I would ask that question on the NBU forums.


  3. Thanks for the guide i had spent 3 days trying to configure the NBLU from a share and some test for http as well with no luck, following this i just had my first successful install thanks bud!



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