I’m famous… well sorta

Recently I was asked to do a guest post on the illustrious “Hey, Scripting Guy!” blog. I was very happy, and excited by this opportunity, but didn’t know what to write. I kicked it around for a couple days, and still nothing. So I called an old friend and asked him what his pain points were. He informed me that his shop was now operating under a 24×7 operations cycle, and it was impossible to keep his 3000+ workstations patched. With that I had my topic; having worked in these environments before I was acutely aware of the strain they put on the sysadmin to stay compliant. A couple days later I had compiled all the best techniques for detecting if a user was active on his/her PC, and shipped my draft off the scripting guy. This morning Google reader greeted me with my very own post!


Thanks to the Scripting Guy again for this awesome opportunity and I hope you enjoy the post!


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