Perl Toolkit: NFS snapshot fix via rCLI

I dislike having to SSH into each host I am responsible for, and I detest having to enable SSH on ESXi (there should be NO reason for me to have to enable it). Because it’s difficult to script applying the NFS snapshot fix to a lot of hosts using the SSH method (and impossible if you don’t enable it on ESXi), I fooled around with the command that is provided with the rCLI.

I discovered that I can pull certain configuration files for the host using the command, modify them, then replace the configuration file…all without having to SSH to the host! has an excellent list of files available using this method.

All of the commands I use in the below script are available when the rCLI is installed (the rCLI also installs the perl toolkit, so all those “sample” scripts are available to us).

My windows scripting skills are non-existent, so I don’t know how to write a wrapper around the rCLI commands like I can with bash, but these same commands will work if you are using rCLI installed on Windows.

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