Podcast Junky

Hi, my name is Glenn and I am a Podcast junky.  My addiction reached the point that my wife gave me an IPOD Shuffle specifically for my podcast’s.  I consume between 15 – 20 hours of content a week!  Sounds like a lot I know, but here’s my secret…

I have kids whom I love dearly, but the little buggers took all my study time.  About a year ago I found a couple of techcast and started subscribing… I listen to them whenever I’m in my car, or doing chores around the house.  That my friend is how I stay up to date.  Today I got the latest scoop on ThinApp while I did the dishes.  If you haven’t discovered these little gems check them out who knows you might learn something.

Some of my current subscriptions: 

And this little gem I just found TODAY!


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