PowerCLI: Copy a ResourcePool(or a hundred)

As part of a larger migration I was recently given the task to copy all resource pools into new EVC enabled clusters. An already monotonous task was made worse by our use of resource pools for delegation. While it took a couple days to work out a recursion bug. The end product worked flawlessly, and successfully reproduced almost 100 resource pools across three clusters in less than 5min.

I mention the time lost because I truly believe you should “try” to script everything! In this case I lost some time, but I gained accuracy, and the ability to scale to the nth degree!

2 thoughts on “PowerCLI: Copy a ResourcePool(or a hundred)”

  1. This is very clever, any idea on how to retrieve and log the settings of a current Resource pool? Get-Resourcepool does not easily allow you to view current settings or permissions.

  2. Supereb….Fantastic…just 2 sec and RP structure got replicated to new cluster with all permission..
    I added few new lines as i know how to call function or new person will not be able to run this script easily


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