PowerCLI: Watch for VMHost Reboot

From time to time I try and update all bios/firmware/etc. While VMotion makes this all but a cinch, evacuating every host in succession puts quite a strain on DRS.   Therefore,  I try and patch everything when installing uudates.  I’ve developed my own little technique where I let VUM do it’s thing.  Catching the Host in the middle of the reboot, and update everything else.  While the actual update methodology changes from OEM to OEM.  I use the same simple little script for vSphere/ESX.  Basically, when I see the remediation task start for a host I kick this function off, “watching” that host, and walk away. Then when vCenter registers a VMHost reboot on the Host this little guy let’s me know.

In case you didn’t already know `a will cause your motherboard to beep.  That loud annoying  “I can hear it two cubicles over” beep!


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