PowerCLI: Why you need this book!

PowerCLI Ref 1st Ed

The VMware vSphere PowerCLI Reference will officially go on sale April 12th, and if your a vSphere administrator this one is a must have. We gathered the collective automation experience of four vEXPERTS and a MVP, and then filtered it through a fifth vEXPERT. The end result was a collection of polished solutions that are not only technically proficient, but more importantly will work the first time every time! Having all built and maintained large infrastructures we combined our collective knowledge and wrote a complete reference, we cover the entire life cycle from creating your environment to monitoring it long term. I mean it, we left no stone unturned where VMware had no PowerCLI solution we wrote our own. This book includes a PowerShell Module with 79 custom advanced functions! We also considered how you would use our book, and chose to take a task driven approach, this enabled you to just flip to the answer you need. You don’t have to “read” all 780 pages… instead think of this book as a fire extinguisher for your virtual infrastructure.

So that’s great, but who needs a book? With blogs and the community forums you can just find the answer right? Yes, yes you can eventually, but if you do that your shopping at a fishery. In this book we WILL teach you to fish! As a commitment to that end we created a dedicated web site to support our work. If you find a bug, or if we missed something you can post a question in our forum!

Admittedly this is my first published work, but I couldn’t be prouder of it. In my opinion The ONYX, and vSphere SDK chapters alone would be worth the cover price. I look forward to the release, and to your honest opinions of our work!


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