PowerShell: 2011 Scripting Games are almost uppon us!

2011 Scripting Games

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The 2011 Scripting Games are almost upon us, and I for one am very excited.  There will be some modifications made to the games this year.  For one this will be the first year that the games will only be in one language.  This was done for several resons, but they all boil down to one…. There is simply no reason to not be using PowerShell at this point!  As a reformed VBScritper I for one welcome the change.

Another modification is that you will only be allowed to enter in one catagory.  There was some heart ache last year, because I participated in every event.  This raised the bar so that anyone who wanted to win would have had to produce 20 scripts in 14 days.  The other side of the coin was that I was unfairly entering scripts that a true beginer shouldn’t have to compeate against.  Both are valid points, and in hind site perhaps entering in both catagories was a poor choice on my behalf.  That said, I welcome only participating in a single catagory, as delivering two high quality scripts per day for two weeks was a daunting task, and I was burned out after two weeks.

Another potentialy game changing modification is that the submitions may not be visiable until after the deadline for a given challenge.  Again I welcome this change as last years games only had one or two original solutions per event.  By making the submitions private until after the deadline every solution will be original.  This change by it’s very nature will enable cleaver, and uniqe approaches to a problem.  I don’t think cheeting was a problem last year, but instead if you saw a script that used a rare .net object, and that script got 5 starts…. well doesn’t that influence you to use the same rare .net object yourself?  Of coarse it does, it’s only human nature to want to deliver the best solution possible.

At the end of the day whether your new to scripting or a seasoned pro I highly encourage you to participate in the games this year.  I for one will attempt to defend my title, but there will be stiff competition, and I will be shocked if I can pull off a back to back championship.  Oh yeah, and did I mention first prize will land you a free pass to TechEd Atlanta!


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