PowerShell: DataOnTAP and SID Convertions

This morning while standing up a new vScan A/V server I wanted to look up our McAfee service account.  I knew the account would be a domain account, and I knew it would be a member of the backup operators group on the filer.  With that in mind I ran the following.

Well that’s rather useless… Unfortunately, the OnTAP API doesn’t provide a means to convert a SID to a NTAccount.  This is normally accomplished via the “cifs lookup” command on the Ontap CLI, but that doesn’t help us much from the toolkit.  Fortunately .Net provides a native means to perform this conversion.  This isn’t new to anyone who has been following PowerShell for a while (//o// first posted these function way back in the Monad days), but that doesn’t make them any less useful!

Now that’s more like it!  This is what I Love about powershell.  In the past I would have had to push back on my sales rep, who would have inturn pushed back on the development team.  fast forward a year, and maybe I would have a workaround.  Or I would have had to try and glue a couple third party exe together (yuck). With PowerShell if I don’t like something I simply extend it in script.  No development, nothing complicated, just a couple line of PowerShell.  Best of all I can then provide this to the vendor as a concreate example of what I want in the next release (hint hint NetApp cifs lookup needs to be in the SDK!)

It really is just great stuff.

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