PowerShell: DataOnTap Realtime Multiprotocol Volume Latency

I had some free time yesterday morning as I couldn’t sleep after the long weekend. I used the time to dig into into the DataOnTap PowerShell Toolkit.  I started with an easy port of one of Andrews performance monitoring scripts.  I won’t go into as it’s very straight forward, but I will say so far I am very pleased with the DataOnTAP toolkit. 


3 thoughts on “PowerShell: DataOnTap Realtime Multiprotocol Volume Latency”

  1. Is there any reason why this couldn’t be turned into a function? It’s very useful but my preference would be a function included via my Powershell profile rather than referencing an external file. I’m just getting started with Powershell so excuse me if this is a daft question.

    On a separate note I’ve found your website helpful on several occasions, so thankyou!



    • Ed, No there is no reason you can’t simply wrap that whole script in a function! The only difference between a function, and a script is how it is stored. A function is parsed once and stored in memory. A script is parsed every time… I post script’s b/c they play nice with PoshCode.org, but if you prefer a function have at it!


  2. Great. I wasn’t even sure how to make it a function but a quick Google and I’m good to go (simply added two lines!). Thanks for the swift response and the useful script,


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