PowerShell: Import NetApp AutoSupport

The first step to any problem is getting said problem into PowerShell! We all know the usual players here WMI, ADSI, .NET, COM, etc… but what about good old text. I get the impression text has been ignored as legacy. When text does get a little attention it is almost always treated like the unix world.  Get-Content | Select-String used in place of cat|grep… I offer a different approach, in my opinion you haven’t really ingested something until it’s in the form of an object. Ala, Import-ASUP, a PowerShell script to ingest a NetApp autosupport. Give it a try and look around at the object it spit’s out. You may be surprised just how much information we all beam back to the mother ship every week!

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  1. Hi

    I’m sure I’m being stupid, but what do i need to run this?

    I have a mixture of asup files and single asup files and bundle zip files.

    Also do I just pass the path to the asup data as a parameter from within the powershell command line interface, like:

    import-asup.ps1 myASUP.txt?



  2. The script contains a Function so you need to dot source it to load the function into your current session.

    #first dot source the script (Thats dot space dot slash)
    PS> . .Import-asup.ps1
    #now our session has the function loaded feed it the asup.
    PS>Import-Asup -Path C:asup.txt

    Alternatively, you can simply remove lines 1,2, and 686… this will enable the script to be called directly.
    PS>.import-asup.ps1 -Path “\netapp1etc$logautosupport201006222008.0”

    Hope that helps,


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