PowerShell OnTap Cmdlets: Soooo close!

The good news, I’m almost done with the initial wave of Powershell OnTap cmdlets.  Even better I talked to Adam Weigert the author of the Powershell Ontap API wrapper, and he’s agreed to add my cmdlets to the original project.  The bad news I still have some QA to perform and documentation to complete…  In the interim, a transcript of my PowerShell session this morning!

I had the task of setting up a test LUN so Andrew and I could work on some array based snapshot’s (more to come once we figure it out).  The Names have been changed to protect my customers, but you should be able to get a feel for the cmdlets.

Only three days left till the NetApp Technology Solution Contest closes… I don’t think I’ll be done in time to submit my work. No big deal, as long as the released version helps accomplish three things.

  1. Deliver a working toolkit that will enable a PowerShell Administrator with little knowledge of OnTap or NetApp Sans to perform basic real world tasks.
  2. Provide a working example of PowerShell V2 Modules. Showcase the power, and ease of use in a real world example (no get-process here :D).
  3. NetApp, seriously now… have a look and then go write some real cmdlets! I’m willing to continue, and eventually port it all, but throw us a friggin bone. A .Net class or something!



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