Powershell OnTAP

It just keeps getting better!  I have personally mentioned the need for a PowerShell SDK to NetApp several times.  The funny thing is both their engineers, and professional services guys never understood why I would want such a thing.  This is a weird paradox with POSIX guys.  They seem to think that connecting via ssh and writing bash scripts is all that is needed.  Sometimes Perl is invoked to provide a higher level of abstraction.  I guess their view is only Linux/Unix guys are going to want to automate this stuff.  It’s the classic windows stereotype; Windows guys only know how to drive the GUI. 

We’ll adweigert saw things differently, and has started converting the Perl SDK into a PowerShell SDK.  At this point it is still very early, but he has already added quite a bit of functionality.  The SDK is currently in the form of a single ps1 script.  Which is actual rather cool, because while I’m not a dev.  I am an OnTAP Administrator, and PowerShell scripter. I can actually contribute to this!

I’m very excited to get to work Monday and give this baby a whirl!  Check it out http://www.codeplex.com/PowerShellOnTAP


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