Powershell: Passthru Authentication with OnTap SDK 3.5

This morning I decided to play with the passthru authentication via RPC that the SDK provides, and boy is it easy! To utilize passthru authentication you first you need to install a dll. Assuming the sdk is saved to C:

copy “C:manage-ontap-sdk-3.5libntntapadmin.dll” %windir%System32ntapadmin.dll
copy “C:manage-ontap-sdk-3.5libntx64ntapadmin.dll” %windir%System32ntapadmin.dll
copy “C:manage-ontap-sdk-3.5libntntapadmin.dll” %windir%SysWOW64ntapadmin.dll
copy “C:manage-ontap-sdk-3.5libntia64ntapadmin.dll” %windir%System32ntapadmin.dll
copy “C:manage-ontap-sdk-3.5libntntapadmin.dll” %windir%SysWOW64ntapadmin.dll

Now that the appropriate DLL is installed connecting to a Filer is as simple as specifiying the style as RPC.

Similar procedures will enable the SLL/encryption capabilities within the SDK only using the ssleay32.dll(SSL)/libeay32.dll(encryption). I’m not yet sure what the zephyr(ZAPI) assemblies do, but hey I’m just admin living in a devs world.


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