PowerShell PSA: Stop Crunching the CODE!

Stop crunching the code people! I know PowerShell is incredibly powerful, and can be extremely terse, but seriously! Can someone explain to me how all this shorthand helps anyone?

I’m not condemning shorthand. Give me a fire and a PowerShell prompt my code is barely legible (and mostly red :D), but I don’t post that crap. This isn’t hard, when passing on knowledge to the community as a whole, or answering a post in a forum, clean it up!

There are already too many Admins intimidated by PowerShell. All this needless over complication isn’t helping! Your blog post may never get a comment, but your code is impacting the community as a whole.

Enough already, stop… crunching… the code.

2 thoughts on “PowerShell PSA: Stop Crunching the CODE!”

    • I couldn’t agree more with the learning aspect, but I’m not advocating against advanced techniques, just poor formatting. Bottom line, in my mind, code crunch is lazy… It doesn’t add anything to your code, but it does make it harder for some to join in the discussion…



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