Provisioning server for VM’s

Andrew and I recently reorganized our VI at work.  One of the key changes was the concept of datacenters via function… Without getting to far into it. One of the functions we identified, a stand alone resource pool to deploy all VM’s from.   We’re referring to it as our provisioning cluster.  Basically whenever we get a request for a new VM.  The VM is deployed there and then VMotioned to it’s appropriate resource pool only after everything is verified, and documented.

Well done with the theory.  I started to organize all our templates through VIC, but quickly relied we have a ton of them!  Win2k, Win2k3, Win2k8, RELH4, Solaris 10… all or which have x86/x64 variants for each of our licensed options… Standard, Enterprise, Datacenter… etc.  Did I mention all I did for a month was build templates.  Anyways they where everywhere, and I was not looking forward to this.  Then I read this post From Hal’s blog, and quickly realized that with was something worth scripting.  The version I used at work looked like

Get-Template | get-view | % {$_.MarkAsVirtualMachine((get-cluster "pool1" | Get-ResourcePool | get-view).MoRef, (get-VMHost "ESX1.localdomain.local" | get-view).MoRef); $_.MarkAsTemplate()}

but that kids is not what I would call production ready.  That’s what I love about PowerShell I had a one time task… boom one line!  Took 15 min to find/move all of the templates we had in our env.   As I was added this script to our internal Wiki it occured to me someone could probably build on this the same way I built on Hal’s post.  So here is a slightly more polished version.


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