RE: Post Your Powershell Profile!

I’m a little behind on my rss feeds, but this morning I came across this post… truthfully, I rewrite my profile every couple of months, but I’ll share the current iteration.

I really like the use of a hashtable for a ‘config’. It really simplifies adding/removing stuff from my profile. I could place it all in a xml file and load it from my profile, but I prefer the portability of the single file. I use a similar technique for my ESX config scripts. A header that consists of a hashtable that holds any bits needed in the script…. keeps me from breaking code making simple changes.


P.S. in case anyone is interested, my credential management module referenced in my profile… There isn’t anything fancy about it. I just prefer advanced functions and proper types over the improvised techniques hal used in the v1 compatible script, but I have been running v2 exclusively for over a year now.

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