This page is a reference for many of the scripts that we’ve published here at practical-admin. This list is not exhaustive, so please use the search function, or leave a comment asking for something!

PowerShell OnTAP Scripts
Pass-Through authentication to a Filer
Report all shares and exports on mixed volumes
Get all cifs shares, with permissions
Monitor reconstruction status
Powershell Reflection OnTap Style

VI Perl Toolkit Scripts
Physical NIC to vSwitch Map and other information
Portgroup Information: Is it a Kernel, Console, VM?
NFS snapshot fix via rCLI
Adjust Active/Standby NICs for Virtual Switches and Port Groups
vMotion configuration from the ESX host command line and remotely using the Perl Toolkit
VMware Tools Update Policy Updating
Adjusting Console OS RAM via rCLI
Change vSwitch security policies

VI Windows Toolkit Scripts
Remove Virtual Machine resource limits
Change the VMotion vNic
Adjusting Console OS RAM via Powershell
Change vSwitch security policies from Powershell

General PowerShell
Ping a subnet
Fix Orphaned Standby hosts after vCenter reboot
Using –SupportsShouldProcess in Powershell V2 ScriptCmdlets
Run PowerShell script as a scheduled task

Other (bash, etc.)
Bash script to apply NFS snapshot fix
Active Directory and ESX integration
ESX User Authentication and Password Management
Change COS memory from command line

4 thoughts on “Scripts”

    • Hello Anindra,

      I don’t have a 7-mode system to test with, but you should be able to use the Get-NaVfiler cmdlet to get all of them, then simply loop over them…

      foreach ($vserver in Get-NaVfiler) {
          # do some actions here

      Hope that helps.


  1. to get Datastores above 80% on netapp filer ,do you have any Linux/API scripts to get this automated/updated

  2. Hello Andrew, We are having NetApp FAS8200 Cluster mode controllers.We received a request came for DB refresh activity,i would like to automate below tasks using two powershell scripts.

    # Script-1 Snapshot ,clone creation and mapping.
    1) snapshot creation (db_refresh_snapshot).
    2) Creating 5 clone copies using snapshot- db_refresh_snapshot.
    3) map those 5 clones copies to DB-Test-Server & DB-Dev-Servers.

    # Script-2 Cleaning (deletion of snapshots& Clone copies)

    1)lun unmap
    2)Clone spiting
    3)volume offline (clone become a individual vol after spiting)
    4)volume deletion
    5)snapshot deletion

    So can you pls help me to get power Shell commands to perform these activities.


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