VMworld is over and all I have to say is Amazing!  I’m still decoding my notes, and writing my post trip report for work.  Earlier when I declared to post updates during the show… I had no idea how busy I would be.  I brought my laptop the first two days, and never even booted the thing.  I filled a 200 page notebook, and my live scribe ran out of room on the last day.  All and all great trip, and should be able to provide enough value that my boss will send me back (please!)

On to the good stuff… Andrew and I went through the solutions exchange only a handful of times.  In that small time frame (maybe 6 hours) we amassed a rather impressive pile of swag.


  • 93 Pens
  • 6 golf balls
  • 7 stress balls
  • 15 1GB thumb drives
  • 4 water bottles
  • 2 USB speakers
  • 3 hats
  • 10 notebooks
  • 4 Laptop bags
  • 4 stuffed animals
  • 15 t-shirts
  • 2 laser pointers
  • 5 flashlights
  • 1 Mac book Air
  • 1 Mac super drive

On the last day of the conference after all of our sessions were done.  We did one last lap through the solutions exchange.  One particular vendor ‘vmSight’ had all these bobble head comic book figures.  I stopped to see if I could talk them out of one.  As is the tradition at these events, stopping meant getting scanned.  Mark from vmSight told me no to the toy, but did explain their product.  (Sounds very cool, I especially like being able to put hard performance numbers on a VDI implementation.) Back to the point, getting scanned entered us in a contest, and while we there Andrew won a Mac book air!  Which he is currently trying to free from osX.  Anyone know a way to boot Linux off a Mac book without boot camp?

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  1. Sorry we ran out of bobble heads. We gave out hundreds and hope those that did get one enjoy the prize.

    If you missed our vmSight cartoon designed with our special VMworld comic book, we’ll post it to YouTube later this week.

    Mark from vmSight


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