NetApp PowerShell Toolkit 101: Managing Data Access

Over the last several posts we have reviewed how to create and manage aggregates, SVMs, and volumes. All of that is great, but at this point you still can’t access that capacity to begin storing things. In this post we will discuss the various ways to access the volumes and the data inside them.

  • Junctioning
  • Export Policies
  • NFS Exports
  • CIFS/SMB Shares
  • LUNs
    • LUN Management
    • iGroups
    • LUN Mapping

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PowerCLI: Configure iSCSI one-liner

While migrating a small environment to vSphere today I ran into my nemesis Host Profiles again. When are they going to Fix these things? The fact that they are incapable of even rudimentary iSCSI configuration is embarrassing. I’m sure vmware will fix it, but until then I wrote a simple one-liner that will configure iSCSI on a new host.