My Pi-Hole configuration

Pi-Hole has been a staple of my homelab for several years now. Even if you don’t want to use the ad-blocking feature, the reporting and logging I find to be very helpful. Anyway, it’s one of my favorite projects and I highly encourage anyone and everyone to check it out!

The default configuration is very good, particularly if you want to simply block the majority of ads. I’m a bit over zealous, so I like to block ads, trackers, malware, and many other things. Additionally, I use Pi-Hole for DHCP on my network, having made the change when I moved from a pfSense router to a USG.

I’m going to assume you are able to follow the Pi-Hole deployment instructions and get everything up and running in the default configuration. I use a virtual machine (running CentOS 7.7) to host my instance, but you can use a RaspberryPi, almost any old hardware, even a container on an existing Linux machine if you’d like. I’ll also assume that you’re capable of updating your network and/or clients to use the Pi-Hole.

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