VI admins are diggin’ PowerShell

Short of walking around the Venetian shouting “anyone else like PowerShell”.  I did everything i could to evangelize the product, and find likeminded individuals.  The giant posh sticker on my laptop didn’t hurt in that regard.  The one thing I did find when talking to these guys is they are starved for content.  Sadly most of them knew only of the vmware community forums.  Don’t get me wrong Lucd is amazing, but that is just a small piece of the community.  I was very disappointed that neither Carter nor Dimitri Dmitry mentioned any of the resources out there for people. 

I was however blown away by VMware and their commitment to the product.  Quest manned a booth in VMware’s exhibit.  For three days I never saw that booth empty.  They were also handing out copies of powergui, some stickers, and a card… Hal you’ll be pleased to know that I saw many handed out, but not one on the floor.  After the PowerShell session I was talking to a couple VI admins, and one of them recommended your book to me!


(Update:  Don’t read into my post that I didn’t enjoy/value Carters presentation.  I thought it was easily top five for me, and he made the case why VI admins need to learn PowerShell.  My point was that once they start that journey.  The more tools you provide the likeier they are to succeed!  Oh yeah and sorry I mispelled your name Dmitry!)

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  1. Glenn,

    You are right, I could have mentioned the available resources, etc. when I was on stage but you know how it goes, right? 🙂

    If I remember right, Carter did mention the VMware PowerShell forums and encouraged everyone to get involved.

    And, we obviously gave our best to provide give-aways, etc. for the PowerShell demo station at the VMware booth.

    So yes we could do better – e.g. we probably should shoot for more PowerShell sessions on the next VMworld – but I feel like we did a reasonably good job to get people introduced to PowerShell. It will only be getting better and better in the future.

    Thanks for attending and helping spread the word! 🙂


  2. @Carter don’t get me wrong your session was phenomenal! Had something for everyone beginner-power user and the v1.5 tease…

    The reason I was disappointed is VI admins will watch your session because they’re interested in managing VMware. While the VMware communities are an outstanding venue when you need help with the VI toolkit. They are not a great place to learn PowerShell in general. I see threads where people have, and the VMware community is certainly strong enough to support such a thing, but what if they want to manage Exchange, AD, etc..

    The sell you made during the session is why you learn PowerShell. I became a VI admin because of the VI toolkit, your example of creating 100 secondary console interfaces… Solving that problem is what got me in. I knew nothing about Virtual Center but I know PowerShell. Three days later I accomplished what would have taken weeks through VIC.

    I still can’t believe just how big that room was and that you filled it. One of the best sessions I attended this year for sure!

    @Dimitry You guys were awesome, and the guys manning the posh booth were Very good. I don’t think there was enough interest this year to support many more PowerShell sessions. So personally I actually think it was just enough, there is quite an underground effort with PowerShell and VI. Which is significant considering most of these guys are Linux bash/perl admins!


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