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So there I was in-between sessions just after lunch at VMworld when someone on twitter mentioned a VCP button.  Being a big fan of badge bling I showed the post to Andrew, and asked some guys around us If any of them knew anything about it.  One had seen the button, but didn’t know where you got one or why.  This is where my Monday got a little sidetracked.  At first we headed down to the materials pickup where I caught John Troyer stealing buttons!  But they directed us to the customer service desk.

Andrew and I proceeded to the customer services desk to inquire, and were quickly informed that we needed to be VCP4.  Honestly, that should have been the end of it, but for whatever reason we decided to walk over and look for ourselves.  Next thing I know I’ve slapped down my AMEX and I’m sitting behind a person vue terminal!  Why is this significant?

I’ve never touched vSphere, no beta, no RC access… Nothing.. Heck I didn’t even review the configuration maximums before hand!  I took it totally off the cuff no prep at all, and  passed!  I have my VCP on VI 3, and I’ve kept up with vSphere via our wonderful bloggers.  In a month or so I should be the proud owner of a VCP 4 certification.  At this point I need throw a huge thank you over to John Troyer, because while I’ve never touched these features I have listened to extensive interviews/discussions covering every aspect or vSphere.  In many ways the VMware Communities Roundtable Podcast was my “what’s new what’s changed” course.  In addition  to that overview our community in particular Duncan. Scott, Boche, etc provided me with the real life reference implementations.

What I don’t have is the hands on experience, I lack the practical knowledge that comes from performing a real implementation (A.K.A. the part that matters).  So there you have it, everyone complained about the need for the class, and VMware listened.  My question to you is… should I be able pass that test.  Knowing the whole background would YOU accept my updated credentials?  Something to think about next time we start complaining about the need for a class.  Personally, I never would have upgraded if it weren’t for the grace period, so I for one am grateful, but is this what we really want?

Perhaps we can agree that I’m just that good..? I would say that I benefited from the world class engineers I studied by proxy.  Personally I believe all of the above to be true.  Perhaps we could agree that the VCP isn’t that big of a deal, that It’s not a VCDX…I passed the “I know what these do in theory” test. Not the “I know what these do in practice” test. we would then agree that we would test for those skills further up the stack. 

As a Microsoft Professional I’m very familiar with that type of system, but is that what we want? In theory it sounds like a better system, but there is no end once you start down that road.  Microsoft recently had to enact a master certification to find the real masters.  Think about that for a second… why do you need a test to prove ‘this guy really really knows what he’s doing’ shouldn’t the engineer certification handle that?   I don’t know the answer I just wanted to ask the question?


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