Why you should review VMware KB articles…

I have made a bit of a weekly ritual of spending some time reviewing the knowledge base articles that are updated or created by the VMware documentation team. I usually don’t have time to do it every day, so I am relegated to once a week (although, I just discovered that I can create an rss feed of them here).

Since I was off yesterday, I didn’t get to look at the articles for the last week until this morning. If you don’t care to review the full list, Dave Lawrence does an excellent job of highlighting the best of them each week.

When I did start my review, I came across this article, which has limited applicability, but is extremely important to those of us that it affects. The article is about how the BIOS apparently affects NFS performance for Dell 1950 servers…very important to those it affects, otherwise not important at all.

It’s a good idea to periodically review the knowledge base articles for those that pertain to a small crowd and don’t get wider dissemination like some others, because you never know if one might affect you in a major way.

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